2017 – Happiness as Purpose

10 Obstacles of Happiness

abstrakte-kunst-zebra-graue-hintergrundWhen me and my generation (Y) think about our lifes, we often find ourselves in comparison with our parents, friends or inner expectations. Leading to discomfort, uncertainty or social pressure. Why? We know it is wrong, but we cannot change. Caught in everyday behaviour and circumstances. Which obstacles do we face? And how can we get around them?


1) ♥Friends

We need other people, as human beings, neighbours, collogues, sisters or, yes, as friends. However, we rarely meet in person. Instead we use any social media channel to finally disconnect and misunderstand our short-term messages.

Help: Meet at a coffee place, for a sport session, a walk or make a telephone call;)

2) ∞Time

For sure, we all work and try to meet our goals or fulfil the daily tasks. But constant headaches, discomposure and stress must not be normal.

Help: Take off your mobile for 30min a day, then paint, meditate, cook, do sport or read a book. Every day should provide at least 30min for your private comfort!

3) #Social Media

Good old friends, all around the world. Social media is great, easy and comfortable. But the downsides are known to everyone. We lose our own perception of us, our friends and the world – compare, misunderstand and disconnect instead.

Help: Delete messenger apps on your mobile and use them only in the browser. This way you can still close your laptop and be offline. Advanced once can probably de-sign from fb and co.

 4) ↔Constant Search

Constant travelling, meditation or endless Yoga sessions. We all experienced it, the will to escape, leads to the urgent need for other things. Things or activities that relax us or help self-reflect. Nevertheless, these things bind us again. Caught in self-optimization pressure.

Help: Find the balance. Where is the pressure coming from? Delete one stress point and replace it with relaxation. Adding more and more, creates only more tension.

5) ‼Work

Startups, Freelancing and own projects. Fulfillment through work, the holy grail of our time. But what if you have not found your passion yet? If you do not know how to change the world and feel pressured to do so? Then, do it your way or better “let it be”. Work is not work. It is your time you commit to something that interests you and hopefully pays off. It is up to you how you balance this relationship.

Help: Either find a job that you like and pays your bills. Beside do what you like in your free time. Or, make what you do in your free time, your job. Anyway, find working conditions that make the work comfortable. Nice collogues, flexible working times but also defined working hours, and structures that allow you to speak up and contribute your ideas. In the end, it is your lifetime, so enjoy the time you work as much as possible;)

6) ╬World crisis

Trump, climate change, Middle-East. Any more questions? I doubt. Or better, yes. Tons of question marks left. We feel like we cannot change the world and that is probably true. Help: We can change us and maybe a small area around us. Thus, start with what is important for you. Animal rights, CO2 consumption, fair trade, politics, city improvements or just a present for your neighbours? Do it!

7) III Me, myself and I

We lost the believe in society, in nations and even families. But we believe in the individual, which again builds up pressure. Who am I, what do I like, how do I fulfil my dreams?

Help: Try to let go of this inner self-reflection cycle and do something for others. Helping them, will help you to get a healthy distance from your own challenges and get faith again.

8) ♣Happiness

Happiness itself is such a vague concept that we are not sure when it happens and why. However, it is sure that we can train ourselves to filter the world in that way that we are focused on the positive things and thus feel happier. Our own values and inner believes guide us to the “right” behaviour and help us find our individual way of happiness. Help: Define your own values, compare them to what you do in life and navigate more clearly towards your values.

9) ↑Purpose above Values

If you have defined your own values, they probably cluster around your own purpose. What you feel is most important for your life. If not, map your values and balance your activities around them. There must not be the one goal, maybe the map is just right.

Help: Accept the challenge to live up to your own values. People most often regret in the end to not have shown emotions enough, not meet family or to simple be themselves.

10) ☺Challenge Accepted: I Am..

Spend time with yourself and find out who you are. Don’t overdo it, no reason to worry or pressure yourself. However, the more time to think and experience you give yourself, the more you may find out what is best for you.

Help: Be yourself, all the others already exist;)



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