Sustainable business models?

What is this about?


Hardly anyone can ever describe what sustainability is. How should then companies be so?

By using „Sustainability Business Models„.

Many researchers have tried to frame the concept of a „flourishing future“ into easy business terms and models, but still the fuzziness sticks to the term – sustainability. And, businesses do not trust it’s value. What’s there benefit in it? Will they sell more products or gain more market shares?

Maybe, but the key point is: a strong sustainable performance with a positive social, environmental and economic impact can lead to a brighter future for all of us.

How? And why do businesses need to think about it?

They gain transparency and thus reputation. By identifying, measuring and evaluation their key Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPIs), they can communicate to impact investors, local authorities and customers their added value to the environment and society as well as to their balance sheet. Thus, being „more sustainable“ enables them to build up trustful relationships with their customers, opens the door to a new investment branch with an increasing budget, saves waste, resources and money and helps making the world a better place. Win-win-win situation.

This is why, in my master thesis I researched how companies can utilize the business model canvas to enable sustainability performance measurement on the business model level.

Find about more about it soon.

Or watch my explanation video below.



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