How often have you been taking a shower in the last days?

2-3 times or more than 10 times?

Obvious, this question makes you think of water wasting.

However, have you also been thinking of climate change? I mean: seriously. We, as human beings, still seem to ignore it. Globally. And we are happy with it. But, have you been witnessing some climate changes in the last few days?

We cannot ignore it anymore. There is no doubt. We, as whole mankind, are responsible for a vast C02 increase, rising sea levels, deforestation, shrinking absorptive capacity for CO2 of the ocean and the land and especially the positive and negative feedback loops created by that.

So, as a result we drive with high speed to top the 2 degree target aimed for 2100. What does this mean? Well, the IPCC report clearly points out that “CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes contributed about 78% of the total GHG emission increase from 1970 to 2010, with a similar percentage contribution for the period 2000–2010”. We are increasing our global waste and build up huge – if not irreversible – damages that our children will have to fight against. We basically cut the branch we are sitting on. But, hey we know that. That is not new to us.

What is new, is that we can actually feel, see and smell it. The extreme weather changes, from hot to cold, creating heavy winds. Right? Unexpected rainfalls or droughts. As well as smog all over cities, see Moscow, Peking, Delhi and nowadays also Berlin.

So what can we do about it? Is it really the people’s power or is it a decision up to politicians. How can we effect the life of our next generations? The C-Road simulation game impressively shows this (you can download it for free).

We have to stop CO2 emissions. Immediately. On private, but much more important, on an industry and system level. Renewable energies and smarter technologies are needed. Nevertheless, we as consumers have to learn sufficiency as well. It’s such a pointless thing to mention all the ways to save energy. We do not like them. We want to live as we are used to. But that is not true as well. We increase our consumption. Even if sharing communities, recycling and a “healthy-consume-less-life-style” is more or less hip.

Seems as if we do not react fast enough. Who cares? It affects us, today! All over the world there are people who cannot hid inside and watch the funny thunder storm, who cannot shut the door when the sea outside sweeps over their steps, who cannot open the fridge when they want an ice cream or turn on the shower while the sun burns their food in the garden. We are all in the same boat, sooner or later. We can create a “the-day-after-tomorrow-scenario” or hope to secure equality, human rights and fulfillment of human needs like water, food and a safe home. Closing all our boarders won’t help.  Who will supply us food, if the whole agriculture in warm countries dries out? Who wants to produce clothes, if workers suffer from chemicals and too low salaries? Who safeguards our health, when water is no longer fresh nor available?

Time to change? But in which direction?

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