Innovation Festival 2014

Sunset or rise of our green future?

Sitting on the 24th floor, 21 pm, chatting in English, French and German. Four girls in their 20’s, some would say generation Y, binning their time on a hotel roof, watching the wonderful evening sky over Valencia. But why? What makes us, the leisure free-time generation enjoy Spanish climate in the beginning end of the year?

Well, first of all 2014 has been the year of records, of change and new milestones into a fast changing future. We had the four hottest months since we started tracking the weather! Climate change hits us with 24 degree celsius in October. Floods, storms, rain or extreme dry seasons become more and more normal all over the world. And we, the young ones, sitting on top of the roof and look on the heritage of former generations: a destroyed atmosphere, CO2 emissions strongly coupled with all kind of industries and supposedly growing as well, increasing waste production and its leftovers all over the world in desserts, the sea and land fields.

Thus, secondly what we four girls are up to at night in our free time on top of this hot Spanish city, is talking and looking into our future. What we want to reach, where do we want to go, how should our children live like, how can we make a difference and create an impact by ourselves??

All these questions are strongly related to the same topic, all over again, CLIMATE CHANGE. It does not matter where we travel, how we live or what we work. It’s everywhere, the strong feeling of being threatened, of being responsible, even for that danger and not being able to escape. This is why, we – the so-called generation Y – sit here and take action. We all join the 4th Innovation Festival of Climate KIC, as students, entrepreneurs in sustainable startups, alumna or employees to build up a new, better (?) future.


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