Generation Y Illusion

About Unicorns, dreams and question marks

Samy Deluxe once asked “Why are me and my generation so depressed?” Today, I would say because we are always put into boxes, judged by aged norms and constantly made fun of!

Seriously, this whole Generation Y issue is making me angry! Have you ever noticed that it is not “us”, choosing this term? “We” are not an homogeneous group of freaking out, unsure youngsters. We are so to say a normal new generation, with the will, as all the generations before us, to change the way of life and everyday rules. Of course we want to be different than our parents and even more different from our grandparent’s generation. But does this make us arrogant?
We are called to be selfish, convinced of our over natural strength and enormous believe that we are something special. But in contrast, the opposite is true. Our parents did work hard, for sure, however they did not enjoy that. They felt already that the world has to change and created in their Hippie dreams a world full of joy and happiness. However, during their lifetime they became more and more depressed, because their open marriages, laissez-fair education and ongoing travels did not bring the golden ages they were looking for. Instead, just at the end of their work-hard-lifetime-jobs the big change Internet destroyed almost all their illusions that after a painful working life, a happy retirement would follow.
This is why they got depressed, got burnouts and thought us to be unhappy, unconfident and confused by the upcoming changes.

Therefore, our so-called Generation Y learned to early question everything: The old norms, working conditions and society rules. We learned from our parents that only working hard all life-long will not make us happy and that we have to build up our own future, because they could not explain the reality any longer to us. We were still kids, but we had to take responsibility quiet early. They did not believe in strict rules, could not help us with fast developing technologies and were as fast becoming our students. We had to step out, may saw things in the internet we better should not and were shocked by all these content. By the brutality of 9/11, by financial crisis cutting down our future perspectives and the heritage of a destroyed global climate. We understood that in this new world just working hard means nothing. No safety. No order. No long-term peace. We cannot be passive, simple employees or passive citizens. We have to be creative, smart and brave. It is up to us to build our own luck. But we are still constantly judged by our parents and by their old norms: work, obey, calmness. They are depressed that those norms have lost their power and are confused seeing us finding new ones. Thus, we never got positive feedback, not too much support in becoming stronger and self-confident, but a lot of critique.

This is why, so many of us tend to give up at first place and cannot transform, making themselves independent from former perspectives and able to accept a new reality. We do not feel special, nor do we dream a lot. We feel it is all on our shoulders, a lot of pressure and requirements. We did not ask for that, but we have to get the whole society into the new ages of global connectivity, speed and immense changes. Otherwise our children will find a world full of depressed human beings, not able to dream of unicorns and flowers, since we would have lost the skill to question existing norms and the will to change.
We are not a Generation WHY, full of question marks, but change makers in charge of a better life, just as usual.

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