What comes out when 200 change making, multicultural and eco-friendly gangsta meet on a Saturday in the epicenter of Berlin? A 120% hippster event is going to start, as the wonderful comedian explained us in one of the starting sessions.

Ok, we have to live with these stereotypes, and to be honest, maybe some of them are true..  But the MakeSense Camp 2014 was not a place of highly reserved MacBook users, nor of bored audience sliding nervously over their iphones. Instead, it was a refreshing, all changing and motivating meeting of people, who felt after less then 9 hours they spend together as if they would have been friends for a long while. How did this feeling occur? Probably the strong willingness to start, improve or change things as they are today as well as the interest in social projects and an unique  international community united us.

Speakers as Mark Turrell and Rodrigo Baggio Barreto made clear that we have to set up the change we want to see in the world by our own and that only we have the power to turn our lives into the missing instrument to make these changes actually happen. Thus, we came together and offered sessions (as typical for a BarCamp) about our fields of interests, pain points or current projects. As a result outstanding  workshops such as „Games for change„, „Accelerating your social startup“ or „Building an eco-system in Berlin“ were hold. While doing so, audience, speakers  and participants continuously changed roles and learned effectively from each other. No one was left behind, overheard or forced to stay in a session. Everyone could freely change, mix and chose from the available program or offer his/her own input.

So what did we learn? We experienced first of all freedom. Freedom to chose who we want to be. What we want to do. And what goals we want to work for. Maybe, this was already the biggest learning, as our so-called „Hippster“ or „Y-Generation“ feels pressured from the infinite given choices of your environment. BUT its our own choice –  not one predetermined from the outside world! Enthusiastically we sipped all the information of  „the community’s“ projects and decide to follow the big steps so many small people all around the world left already on the breeding ground of hope and optimism. Thus, finally it was a bit of all. Fun, communication, action, learning and self irony.

However, one thing will definitely change after these multicolored hours: We will stay in contact and spread out making sense!



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