Happy Birthday Jesus!

A parody to the whole Christmas chaos

Why isn’t it so easy nowadays? Why is Christmas and the last of the twelve rushing month of the year so melancholic and silent? Is the reason really only the lack of vitamin D, no sun and an allover holly spirit? I am afraid these are not the main reasons.

Back in the childhood it was very simple: relax and come down! End of the year, lights and everywhere adults who give their best to see a childish glancing glow in your eyes. Since then a lot has changed.

Your parents turned out to be the most complicated persons in the world, your sister’s and brother’s life takes place far away from you and your friends may become different persons without you noticing.  Thus, Christmas is no longer a peaceful reunion and reflection of the year, but instead the try to catch up with all changes of the last – almost running- eleven months. Expectations, emotional boundaries and unspoken thoughts have been carefully collected and now block the way to an unencumbered festiveness.

Basically, we all want the same: safety, freedom and community. But in practice it becomes much more complicated.

So is there a way out? Can we, living in an egoistic, fast moving, modern society, still find the inner peace to forgive the others and try to be as calm as possible when the situation turns again into a potential conflict?

Maybe. For sure it is difficult. Not everything can be solved as easy as search for a fitting gift – our personal sale of indulgences. But at least we can try. No need for stereotype Christmas music or markets, but maybe the focus on illuminating moments in the past: singing, baking hundreds of cookies and time with the beloved ones.

So, if now the 1. Advent guides us into the spirit of the upcoming celebration, may we sit down and try to catch up the initial openness and freedom of these days and get rid of the conflicts which otherwise pop up just in the worth moments.

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