Go out and be awesome!

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Whenever you think about the young generation, what comes into your mind? „New, trendy and fashionable“ or „bored, disappointed and powerless“? The truth may lay in the middle of these cliches. The changers, thinkers and makers of today, coming out of the generation y, face constant challenges, which literally become faster, bigger, higher. International competition on the job market, increasing opportunities and the impressive consciousness: We want to do something new!  The colorful role play game outside, just fit to our design-thinking wardrobe inside. But: We easily become lost in the grey reality and give up after comparing us with all the geniuses out there.

„Go out and be awesome!“, this strong advise is being jelled through Berlin’s streets and even conference rooms. „No one wants to be sad or useless. So start changing yourself!“ It is easy to take these words as demanding, uneasy and uncomfortable. However, there is also a way to take the challenge. Together. We are the generation, who is naturally collaborative. We network all day long in social media, we share our knowledge and spread the world. We participate and take action – online.  The only thing a lot of us are lacking, is personal contact. How to reach out to a person sitting next to me in the train? What to say, when trying to get into touch with persons of authority? Why to go out and meet people, when the world online offers all these comfort zones?

Because only here, we can make friendships. This is what networks are for and Berlin is the metropolis of those. Two impressive ones just started up in the last years and gain incredible reach and support. Berlin Geekettes has been founded just one and a half year ago and launch already in eight other cities (additional to Hamburg) all over the globe soon. Women from tech and entrepreneurial background help each other. Learn, discuss and share. Introduce, ask and connect. Giving and taking. Just being polite or awesome. Because this is the way we reach out to people: Talk and offer favors. And act. Geekettes and other girls (Railgirls, Women and Entrepreneurship, Women2.0) actually start to make a difference and change.

This is also the mission of Climate KIC, an international network rich on diversity and new ideas. In the beginning of this week, more than 500 members from the business, academic and entrepreneurial world came together at the Innovation Festival in Wroclaw to build up the community. New projects were introduced, urgent topics discussed and moreover the winners of the 2013 EIT Startup award were announced. Focus: Sustainability and the way to transfer the concept into real life’s solution. Osmoblue made it with their innovative system for recycling industrial waste heat. Never thought of a problem like this?

Then don’t give up, watch out for opportunities and be awesome!

It’s not only a blue, green fashionable dream. It’s real.



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