Amsterdam experiences

An urban safari

“I wane share a story with you: A story about people and the future and about waves!” This is not a normal story, nor a fantastic one, however one with emotions, learnings and true experiences.

This weekend 100 young, passionate people from all over the world met – again. Not to start a journey, but an urban safari on a campground in the north of the Dutch capital city. What is so special about camping? Well, except of that it is September and freaking cold, people came together with a certain goal: To build up a world-class community of climate innovators.

I do not like superlatives and exaggerations, however sometimes they are necessary to explain the game-changer impact some moments have from time to time for a group of people or the society as a whole. Because WE believe in ideas, in our impact, our community and thus in PEOPLE!!

We came together for the second Climate KIC Alumni Accusation Meeting, to connect the existing 750 fellows and to prepare for the growing number of globally 1200 alumnus by the summer of 2014. We participated in workshops with names like “Spiritual Entrepreneurship” or “How Blue economy changes the world”, created in short design thinking sessions “Pop-up tree houses to prevent the Netherlands from the danger of floods” and of course pitched our start-up models in the overall Climate-KIC contest. In result, we had a wonderful weekend, saved energy by freezing a lot and came to the conclusion: It’s more than 54 hours of talk and action, it’s challenging and shaking ourselves!

We keep on pushing. Three weeks after the five journeys all returned back to their starting points, some of us just moved afterwards to a new country, some started new studies, some quit jobs and started start-ups, but all of us changed. We understood that it is up on us to act, re-act and listen. But most important to discuss and to keep on talking.

Hence, this is a story about constant communication and the promise of 100 generation Y people to not give up under the pressure of nowadays disappointment and disillusion, but to step forward and try. So take with us the wave of enthusiasm, power and motivation to make a better future for people!

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