Wane change the world?

Make sure you have a common goal!

If you want to convince others, especially investors, from your idea, you have to have three things clear for you:

1) The PROBLEM – you are tackeling

2) The IDEA – to solve it

3) Your individual SOLUTION

So far, so god. But how to find a problem, idea and solution, four “shapers” (team role character) agree on? This is the challenge in our team. We are “ArtCyle” and aim to close urban loops by up-cycling waste items to beloved, personal art pieces! However, we are also a group of so-called shapers – people who want to have an impact, who like to make, move and change! This makes teamwork sometimes difficult or let’s say demanding. But we would not be shapers if we would ignore that issue and therefore we tackled it instead. What we did? We sat down and talked! Sounds simple, but it takes a lot of courage, power and trust. All those things, we build up while working and moreover during the evenings! Because building a startup does not only include working, but also “living” together. That is what we did and we learned: this is a value we want to deliver also to our customers!

We want to combine services, sustainability, art and most important PEOPLE!!! Why? Because “Green” or “ECO” are terms which exists already for years, however CHANGE starts with human being and is so far often overseen. Therefore, we have to make it interactive and fun! ArtCycle wants to live sustainability, in Berlin, with our customers. We aim to build up a community which contains eco interested consumers, artists and people who want to make a difference. They will all meet in our “Squat”, a vibrant culture co-working and atelier space, to up-cycle already existing products, which are normally seen as waste. Old, unused or broken items. This way, at our SQUAT customers will be able to re-create, together with artists and designers, their own items to up-cycled art pieces.Thus, customer become involved in the actual art process and learn to rethink the nowadays behavior of over-consumption.

In doing so, we four shaper have found our problem, idea and solution which we now like to share with you! Join us in the ArtCycle!!

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