“There is so much love in this journey..!”

These were the words said the most often in the last few days. From the coaches, Climate KIC organizers and the participants. And it’s true!

We have two couples by now and the rest is good in cuddling and giving massages. However, it is not about sexual desire, it’s about friendship and life-lasting relations. We have experienced 5 weeks together, came from 5 different continents and spent each 5 K during this journey. Thus, we it was fun, hard work, rich experiences and in the end really emotional.

During the final pitches, all these feelings run through our bodies: Excitement, Fear, Love, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm, Pride and Trust. We believed in our ideas, our team work, our whole group and that WE can make a difference. We wane change the world and start with small steps, with our lives, with little changes and hope to have an impact on the whole world.

“Remember all the people” and stay “Wunderbar”, because in the end it’s all “dacorante” and “goes on and on and on”. And we love two things “People and Future” (DaBirdy), are good in party and will make our ideas fly.

So let’s be “justBird”, enjoy the sun under “SmartMarquis” and upcycle the world to art!

Thank you guys!!!

See you soon, as alumnis.

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