Journey to change

Why are we here?

What is the reason that 40 young people, from all over the world, came together and travel through Europe?

Climate, but it‘s not only about change.

It’s about the global climate and all it’s complexities. Climate comprehensively includes people, cities, urban growing, energy demand, technological innovation and even transport.

That is only a small part of the whole topic.

Nevertheless it shows how interesting, challenging and important it is.

Therefore, we – the young generation of movers, makers and changers – came to Utrecht to start our Journey through five weeks of inspiration, experiences and learning.

What we have done so far?

We recovered, enjoyed lectures and workshops and grew together as a group. A group with more than ten different nationalities, very diverse professions and interests and – most important of all – we’re full of passion, enthusiasm and culture

Thus, we learned first most of all from ourselves. Each of us can tell stories of life: travels, long stays in foreign countries all over the world, hobbies, research activities, economic experiences and political actions.
Of course we go out and meet people. Smart, active and outstanding ones. First, we went to visit the “sea dikes”, next we went to KLM’s “incubator” for sustainable startup ideas and were invited to a “metronomic center”.


The questions we keep in mind are:
– What are the most dangers Green house gases (co2, ch4, H2o)?
– Global warming is a fact, but what are the courses it’s going to take?
– Correlation between CO2 and temperature is visible, still which other facts count?
– What can, want and do we need to do?

To summarise our week I would say: always be open and even a little crazy with your ideas – it’s all about ideation.

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