FLOSS – open, liberal or what??


Ever heard about this term? Most will have to say: No! But don‘ worry same is true for many generic terms.

However, quite a lot people do use FLOSS products like LINUX or Open Office. Still, the reseason why open software came, even international, into our everyday lifes is often unknown. Moreover, researches focus mainly on the pure economic point of view to investigate underlying drivers and mechanisms and miss to point out sociological perspectives.

BUT: What about the people? We use it, we may built it and whole communities orgnize it! So what is ‚FLOSS’? How did it become a standard, why do people support it and which impacts does it have on society as a whole?

If interested, go through the following paper and read which changes – as ‚socio-economic‘ ‚peer production‘ or ‚meritocracy‘  – shape already today our future!



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