Social Entrepreneurship is watching YOU!

Yes, it really means YOU! Why? Because nowadays you cannot avoid talking and touching it all over Berlin – and probably also in other startup cities all over the world.

People want to be inspired, watch out for sense and find it „on the good side“, even if they don’t have cakes.. 

But what makes it so special? Is it the „value“, the „ethical issue“, the will to be „good“? Research about motivation would say no. For example Lakhani/Wolf investigated the underlying drivers of „hacker culture“ (people who contribute thousands of hours of work for free) and found out: in the end, we want to satisfy our own „individual“ goals, but through collaboration! And Pierre Bourdieu already found out in the 70’s: we change cultural capital (field related knowledge and skills), against social capital (reputation and rewarding) against economic capital (money, bling bling). So why is it worth to mention this? Because, social entrepreneurship is not that fancy it may looks like.

We all seek for social reputation, for knowledge and an intellectual stimulation, wouldn’t it be amazing to change the world while doing so? Social entrepreneurship is one way of doing it, with a win-win situation for all participants. Volunteers, Employees, Users, Customers, Prosumers. All satisfy their own short-term needs and work on a collaborative goal: social impact.

Therefore, the meeting today (27.06.2013) at the RallyPad with HUB Berlin was a huge network event of people inspired by the idea to create something new, to tackle the challenge to find the balance between green, eco, friendly and „good“ and the „evil economy“ (some people call it).

Together you are less alone„, Audrey Tautou. So let’s start it! 

Anna Roth-Bunting from talent4good did so! With Ashoka as an investor, she founded her social enterprise and conveys leading managers and top emloyees to social projects where they find sense and additional soft skills. So did, Eva, a girl from Berlin, studying Design Thinking and travelling to India. There, she got to know Design for change and establishes it now in Germany. Wow, power to female founders one can say.. But of course, it is nothing gender specific. HUB Berlin will launch soon, in the end of this years, and will hopefully help Berlin develop its natural desire to go „good“.

Do you want to be an agent of change?

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