This is gonna change the world!!

Don’t we hear that every day?

So what, an other nike shoe, an android app or a green, delicious veggi drink?

Nonstop, trends are coming up, raising and passing through our brains, desires and attitudes. Time passes by and (almost) nothing changes. Now what’s about all those hypes and future researches?

They go deeper! If you take a closer look at it , you will be fascinated how far they reach. Why? Because it is, like MOMO said.

Life holds one great but quite commonplace mystery. Though shared by each of us and known to all, seldom rates a second thought. That mystery, which most of us take for granted and never think twice about, is time. [..] Time is life itself, and life resides in the human heart. ”
Michael Ende, Momo 

Time is the whole issue. What do we want to use it for? What is worth spending on? And how much do we use for our own? Time. The mystery which cannot be grabbed, not touched, nor understand. Thus, looking into the future, research on it, seeking for knowledge always means: We have the chance to impact it! The use of time, the future developments, our core values, our lives! This is why, foresight and even more today’s action are so incredibly interesting! Which role do we want to play in future, how should it look like, what can we change, adjust or modify? What have to be rebuild, destroyed or reinvented? What will come up radically new?

All those thoughts are strongly connected to changemaker attitudes, grassroot movements and bottom-up approaches as well as creativity and interdisciplinary. People, processes and projects work hand in hand together to come up with new insides. One of those attempts are Labs, so called FabLabs. An increasing number is growing everywhere around the globe and especially companies try to shape their own bit of the future. But what about people, the citizens, normal guys?

They recently created the Open course ware, peaking last year with the high spread of MOOCs.

Hence, how would a world look like where we combine both of this “black swans”? Why not establishing MOOCs who have a social impact on real life, which tackle existing problems? Participants could work an a global level together, rethink life and use 3D Printers (like in Labs) to visualize their ideas. They could even test those in augmented realities or provide users hand-on experiences via google glasses? How would all of this look like?

250 challenging MOOCs were just by now created in Germany, future trends are investigated in New York by BMW and Guggenheim and people, people already ask for a “bigger” movement! Thus, future points on on- and offline participation, dialogue, transparency and innovation! A social movement, empowerment, sharing and understanding. A dream? May be. But an inspiring one!

And in the end we may start to rhizomatic learn from it!


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