MayBE.. wind is blowing!

Am I a Berlin Geekette? No. If I want to become one? Maybe. I am not an entrepreneur, neither a nerdy computer specialist or an active feminist. I am a twenty-four years old “Innovation Management” student, following the spirit of time. This personally meant for me, three months ago I left the beautiful medieval Hanse-City Lüneburg and went to Berlin. From small to big, from art to innovation, from known to uncertainty. And that’s what it is about.

To be a Berlin Geekette does not include being a ready made, superficial brainiac, but to be interested, to take part and develop yourself and others. Maybe. Critical reflection is the starting point. Why? Because it may be that things are changing, still not with out any action! Social reconstruction, the wind of change and inspiring role models, not only for women, but for a whole generation of young Changers. Berhold Brecht already told us, that who said A does not necessarily have to say B, one can learn that A was wrong. However, this person can also learn that B must be modified and that these mystic core values of Change lye within each and everyone of us. Creativity and diversity of thinking is a merger of knowledge, motivation and skills (Amabile 2008). Those key factors we are going to share, to distribute and to synergistically recombine them with each other.

I may have to learn how to code, and yes I am really curious about, yet we moreover have to learn how to change. Mindsets, behaviors  circumstances. We have a so-called triangulated system within society, consisting out of individual actors, general institutions and social impact fields like cultural or ecological actions. How can those diverse, conflicting interfaces come successfully and meaningful together? Is there a master plan, an emerging overall solution or rather an underground movement plunging the system? I do not believe any of this. I think it is more incremental, because human beings are in the end emotional characters, following their needs, interests and experiences.

Hence, the Berlin Geekeette Program is one of may steps into a changing understanding of how to contact others, how to reflect myself and how to create value in an economic, social or ecological manner. I would like to merge all those activities and actors, like to get to know their knowledge and considerations, and in the end come up with an on-going new impression of how future may look like and how we can contribute to it.

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