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Is it possible to have 50% female attendees at Startup Weekend Hamburg this June 8-10, 2012?

Imagine rockstars, creatives, computer nerds… all together in one room – cheering, clapping and shouting. Then silence. “..and the winner is…” announcement met with deafening applause!! These are the sounds of a typical Startup Weekend organized in more then 300 cities, in 90 countries in the last 5 years! The next Startup Weekend event in Germany will be June 8-10, 2012 – come to Hamburg Startup Weekend! For 54 hours, developers, marketers, product managers, biz dev and many more come together to launch startups! So much energy, so many dreams of entrepreneurship!
On Friday night, people come together, pitch their ideas, work on them – and present the results on Sunday in front of a high profile jury! That’s what it is all about. Get a reality check and take the big chance to bring your vision to life. Find the right people to start it and become the creator of your life. Too pathetic? The huge success shows that it works. Over 36% of Startup Weekend startups are still going strong after 3 months. Roughly 80% of participants plan on continuing working with their team or startup after the weekend. But it is more than that – Startup Weekend is a community of a new business generation. Meet people who team up in a digital media world, who are ready to take their responsibility in it, willing to move things forward. Next month, Startup Weekend comes to Hamburg for the second time.
After the last years’ awesome performance, the organizer team wants to push it even more. We try to live the slogan: no talk, all action and produce as much value as possible for all attendees! It takes place in the modern Hafen City University, serves its participants green delicious BIO Foot and offers AirBnB discounts for participants to find an affordable place to stay over the weekend.

One thing is missing so far… WOMEN!! Is it possible to have 50% female attendees?

Girls, spread the event, make it famous and yes, take the chance to rock it! Who if not you?

Women have the right communication skills to network, are team workers and more cooperative and last but not least as clever, brave and business affine as every man. So let us see how many women make it this year to Startup Weekend Hamburg.
Last year’s winning team at Startup Weekend Hamburg were a team of women! In 2011, the winning team (out of more than 140 participants and 15 teams) was a team of two women from a small village next to Hamburg – supported by a designer and a developer they met Friday night at Startup Weekend. Today, Laura Goller and Sabrina Schönborn run their company SugarShape. They will be joining this June’s event as speakers, sharing their Startup Weekend success story.This year at Startup Weekend Hamburg, we have a great mixture of speakers, mentors, visitors and yes, the organizer team is also a group of enthusiastic startup geeks! So let us all enjoy the good food, during the hard-working days, at the big Saturday Night BBQ and after the final pitches on Sunday. We will surely all love to celebrate this amazing moment together.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg, or check out a Startup Weekend in your region.

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