Berlin, Hamburg, Delhi.. Startup Weekend around the world

Startup Weekend Delhi Day 1

3, 2, 1..! Pitches started. 60 seconds to go. Stop. Next idea. Delhi. American Center. Startup Weekend. Always the same rules, international, crossing cultural boarders. Ok, not all is the same. While getting together, you have Chai Tea with milk and a tikka role.Clapping, laughing. Next pitch. An elephant sound interrupting the last startup  rockstar. 70 entrepreneurs from all over India have registered and arrived friday evening in New Delhi. Hurrying from auto rishas, to crowed places anywhere outside, just straight onto the stage. That’s taff. No talk, all action. It bridges the gap, from anywhere to somewhere, to the international network of passioned, freaky startup willing people. All of them came to work in a team, together on one idea, to be part of the change. The economical changing point, not only in India, but all over the world. That is the reason why so much press showed up. Being at Startup Weekend Delhi means chatting with Entrepreneur Magazine, taking pictures for regional newspapers and speaking to mentors from Ventur Capital firms. So guys, lets have an amazing time here. Fun, no sleep and good food. Rock it, take the chance, fascinate us!

48 hours later…
Your solution is not my problem!!!
Final pitches. Bahm. Wow, how much nervous energy in one room. And then this guy on the stage. Using words like fuck off, damn, i am American. Where are we going? What went wrong? Nothing, everything is perfectly right.
The Internet wants to be free, but you need to be paid – that’s the art of every live field. Start from the problem, find the solution and pitch your idea, as often as you can, but stop being a psychologist!!! Don’t freak out. You don’t have to be the biggest, the first, the best: just be the ONE! Do it, think about it, focus on the problem and make the difference. If there is still a problem, there is still space for good solutions. Network, Team, great Products, Creativity, Interest. Sounds like ingredients for an entrepreneur. Fight for it!
After day two, when all those ideas got into shape and form, Dave Mc Clure gave today an ironic, healthy speech about how to behave.. when starting your business and pitch to investors. 18 h door closes, 100 people in an old cinema, everybody looks at the stage. Long waiting line in front of it. Now people DO behave. They listen and ask critical question. Big discussions, clapping. Feedback. Mumbai sitting next to Croatia, Germany and Bangalore. Lets talk about money! How does your business make profits? Why are you doing it? Focus! Damn, signal stops again. Next. One presentation after the other, becoming better and better. Hit the market, find your niche, be smart and yes guys, suits fit you well, helps a lot. Shouting. One serious guy. A demo, slides, some words, perfect technology, amazing usability. Mumbling. I will buy this idea right now! (Awesome impressions from Startup Weekend in Delhi, thank you all, love to meet you again!! In India.. or come to Germany, when it is not too cold;)

Impressionen aus Indien, aber die Stimmung ist immer gleich. Der Countdown läuft in Berlin.. um 18h geht’s los. Vielleicht ist ja auch mal wieder eine Kunstidee dabei, eine neue Museums App, ein Kunstführer oder oder oder? Ich bin gespannt.  Wer nicht so lange warten möchte kann bei schon mal einen invite request anfragen. Oder ist am 8.-10.Juni in Hamburg dabei!!

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